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Great Britain

Route: Warsaw PL, Lodz PL, Poznan PL, Frankfurt (Oder) D, Magdeburg D, Hannover D, Dortmund D, Eindhoven NL, Antwerp B, Calais F, Dover GB, London GB.

Distance between Warsaw and London is 1600 km. Our trucks travel ca. 800 km a day, vans up to 1000 km.
Once in Calais, there are 2 ways to access the island:

Our experience suggests that the volume of an average relocation load from Poland to England is about 8m3 per room, provided one desires to move with all possessions one keeps in the apartment. One skilled employee secures ca. 8m3 a day. For each packing and loading operation we assign enough employees to complete the process in a single day. While planning the relocation one should also take into account the upcoming holidays.

If our trucks can't access you home directly, we use shuttle vans transferring your items to tracks. We know that each relocation is unique.

Depending on needs, we offer you two means of transport:

  1. Dedicated transport – We will assess the size of your shipment and accordingly choose one of our 100 vehicles that will be best for you. You determine the date of packing and transport. We do not combine dedicated transport with other services. Our car and skilled team will be at your services only.
  2. Joint transport – We want our prices to be as affordable as possible. Due to high number of transports on the this route, we can merge several transports into one – driving our costs down to offer our Clients a reasonable price. Price will vary depending of the size of your shipment and scope of your chosen services. To learn more about merging your package with another transport visit

Scope of our services:

  • Packing – items found inside your shelves, cupboards, etc. will be appropriately packed and secured for transport.
  • Additional protection for fragile items – china, glass, pictures, household & electronic devices need particular protection during transport. We secure them with special materials (packing paper, bubble foil, reinforced cardboard)
  • Disassembly of furniture for transport and assembly at the new place – disassembled objects take less space in the car, also lessening the risk of damage.
  • Storage – If your property must be stored for some time, we will provide you with space in our warehouse. your items will be stored in special containers sized 14 or 20 m3.
  • Transport – if you seek transport only, we will provide you with the car and driver who will deliver your things to the indicated address.
  • Loading & Unloading – Once your property is packed, our team will put it in the car.
  • Unpacking – upon arrival in the destination point we can either entirely unpack the load or leave it in cartons – as per your request.
  • We arrange the items in the new localisation following your suggestions.

Useful information:

  1. 2013 bank holidays: 01.01 – New Year’s Day, 02.01- 2nd January (Scotland only), 18.03 – St Patrick’s Day (Northern Ireland only), 29.03 – Good Friday, 01.04 – Easter Monday (except Scotland), 06.05 – Early May bank holiday, 27.05 – Spring bank holiday, 12.07 – Orangemen’s Day (Northern Ireland only), 05.08 – Summer bank holiday (Scotland only), 26.08 – Summer bank holiday (except Scotland), 2.12 – St Andrew’s Day (Scotland only, substitute day), 25/26.12 – Christmas Day/Boxing Day.
  2. Polish Embassy in UK:
  3. UK Embassy in Poland:


Warsaw headquarters:
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