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Why joint service turned out to be more expensive than indicated on your website?

Cost shown on our website reflects the basic variant, i.e. the shipment volume is not larger than 3 m3, and loading and unloading points are located along the planned route of our car. If there are some deviations from set conditions, price of the service is higher because of additional costs (rerouting to arrive at the loading/unloading point, or shipment size exceeds the specified volume).

When and how should one order the joint service?

The sooner the better. Contact our international relocations department at the phone number +48 (22) 526 1005 to learn more about the offer and feasibility of joint relocation. Our affordable prices attract many clients, therefore we advise to contact us as early aspossible to book the date and the shipment space for zour relocation.

Who is in contact with the Client when the service is being carried out?

During the international relocation the client may contact their personal manager who handled the financial and planning process, they are also provided with phone numbers of the team carrying out the actual moving.

Do you also move antiques?

Yes, we do. We offer a comprehensive solution for transport of items of historical or artistic value. We acquire permits allowing you to transport your antiques abroad. Basically, you are required to obtain such a permit if your items fall under one of the following categories:

  • archaeological objects – over 100 years old
  • paintings, any technique – over 50 years old
  • original sculptures, statues, or copies thereof with the use of the same technique as the originals – over 50 years old
  • individual photographs and films, or their negatives – over 50 years old
  • manuscripts, separate or belonging to larger collections – over 50 years old
  • books, separate or belonging to larger collections –over 100 years old
  • separate printed maps or music scores – over 150 years old
  • collections of historical, paleontological, ethnographic, or numismatic importance
  • vehicles – over 50 years old
  • other antiques – over 50 years old

Detailed information concerning the threshold value qualifying specific items for permit procedure can be found in the Monument Protection and Preservation Act, dated July 23, 2003. You can find also relevant procedures there.

We also take care of logistics-related issues, including tailor-made containers and protective materials.

Where, if so, one has to go through customs procedures?

After Poland entered the European Union, barriers separating our market from the rest of the EU were lifted. Being part of the customs union means that transport of property between EU member states may be conducted freely and without customs inspection, temporary importation arrangements, or any custom- or tax-related costs.

Non European Union countries still demand customs clearance of transported items.Take note that there are some important European states that have not entered the EU, in particular Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Croatia, Turkey, Macedonia, or Ukraine. When moving to those countries one must be prepared to undergo a full customs clearance.

Apart from that, all other countries outside Europe require customs clearance of the transported property.

Do you charge more for weekend relocations?

On principle our prices do not vary depending on the day of the week, but our clients prefer some days over the others. Majority choose to do the moving on weekends, so we recommend to book the specific date as soon as it is possible. 

What if items are to be delivered to the 3rd floor or higher, but the building has no elevator?

The number of floors is not the issue for us. It just affects the time, and to certain extent costs of the relocation, but it does not make the whole operation impossible.

Do you also assembly new furniture bought before the relocation?

Yes, we do. If the client wishes us to do so and informs us about that while discussing the details of the operation, our team will have all the tools needed for assembling your newly-bought furniture.

How do you secure property during an international relocation?

Successful international relocation is a mixture of two factors: extensive expertise of the team and the best available materials. We cannot compromise on non of them, as your property is often transported through thousands of kilometres, each being a proper test for integrity of your items. Particularly vulnerable are dinnerware, household & electronic devices, and works of art (sculptures or paintings). This is why we secure (packing paper, blankets, or bubble foil) any element prone to damage caused by pressing or hitting. Additionally, we carefully arrange the items in the loading space so that elements do not damage one another. We calculate also the acceptable load the particular package can withstand to avoid cartons being crushed by other packages.

How do I settle your payment?

In case of international relocations, the payment is effectuated in two stages. The first part (the advance) is paid upon final reservation of the date and signing of the agreement. Once the advance is settled, we can confirm reservation of the car and the team for the agreed period.

The remaining part is settled after the service is completed. It may be paid in cash handed to the employees involved in the relocation or via a bank transfer to the account of DTS Przyjemne Przeprowadzki Sp. z o.o. It is up to you. 

If international relocation is settled by the company moving its own employee, payment forms and dates can be arranged on individual terms. We fully understand that companies’ internal regulations may preclude payment forms that would fit our standard settlement procedures, therefore we try to meet their demands in this respect too.

How, if so, do you secure staircases when moving things out of or into the house or apartment?

Anytime we have to navigate with your belongings through really narrow staircases or corridors, or when the objects themselves are unusually big, we try to secure any spots that may cause damage to your items. We pay special attention to elevators, staircase railings, and doors (or jambs) that stand on the way of the carried objects.

We mostly use cardboards and specially designed protections caps. In more demanding projects, we secure the elevator with special plywood cage.

Do you have a storage space?

We do. Clients can safely deposit here their possessions scheduled for moving by DTS.

How long does it take to transport my things?

On average, the car travels 700 kilometres a day. On this basis we estimate the time required for international relocation.

Why should I choose the All Risk coverage if you already have a civil liability insurance?

For your own comfort and safety. All Risk compensation is paid without prior investigation. The amount is calculated by the owner, not by the loss adjuster.

What is the All Risk coverage?

All Risk works similarly to Auto Casco. The difference between the standard civil liability insurance and All Risk coverage is that value of All Risk insurance is calculated based on the value of the entrusted property as declared by the owner. Also, in the event of loss, the insurance company is obliged to pay the stipulated amount without investigation determining the perpetrator and causes of the loss. The amount of compensation is determined on the basis of the owner's prior declaration and also includes the costs of restoring the property (e.g. it covers not only the purchase, but also the expenses of importing the items from abroad).

What kind of civil liability insurance do you have?

Our standard civil liability insurance include:

  • Civil liability insurance with regard to European road haulage
  • Civil liability insurance with regard to European forwarding services
  • Insurance of the entrusted property stored in the warehouse
  • Civil liability insurance with regard to the relocation services

Can I order just the international transport?

Yes, you can. If you wish to pack and load the truck by yourself, we will provide you with the car and an experienced driver who will assist you in completing the relocation.

How many people will participate in my international relocation?

In our standard solution, international relocation is carried out by a team of 2-3 people. In case of more demanding projects we a bigger team is involved, depending on the shipment volume.


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