About us

In DTS Pleasant Removals we are passionate about and commited to what we do. We are a team of experienced professionals always ready to take on biggest challenges.



We complete over 200 international relocations a year. Among our clients are individuals, corporations and embassies. Our creed is Quality, Safety and Professionalism.


Our goal is for our clients to associate our brand and relocation services with positive emotions.​

Reasearch shows that on the stress scale experiences connected with moving from one place to another score as a 3rd most stressful activity in people's lives.

What sets us each day in motion is the belief that moving to a new place does not have to be associated with stress, insecurity and worry for one’s valuable possessions. This is why we listen carefully to what our clients have to say and address their needs.


Proven to be a trusted partner

DTS Pleasant Relocations became the winner of a tender for providing services for the US Embassy and Consulate starting with 2015. Moreover DTS was listed as an approved agent within the 

framework of ITGBL program. Our long-term accomplishments, high level services and professionalism was verified and appreciated.


Since the beginning of the contract with the American Embassy and ITGBL, DTS Pleasant Relocations have performed over 50 international relocations for American diplomats. DTS is dealing with very broad range of international relocations, including sea freight relocations, FCL shipments, LCL shipments, air freight shipments and car deliveries. Our professionalism had beed appreciated - one of American agents entrusted to us the responsibility of delivery of four shipments for new Ambassador in Poland.


2015 SAKAI cooperation

DTS was selected by one of the largest Japanese removal companies „Sakai Moving Services” to perform a joint-venture project called Sakai-DTS. The new company will provide moving and relocation services at the highest level for Japanese residents in Poland and in Europe. Welcome to our country Sakai.  Poland is proud to host your first Central European division.


"With pleasure!" - our company's motto

We enjoy what we do.  Anytime anywhere.

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Warsaw headquarters:
251 Wal Miedzeszynski St.
04-866 Warsaw, Poland
Tel. +48 22 100 30 00 
Fax +48 22 100 30 39 
Email: export@moving.pl



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